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Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are not currently being held due to schedule changes with the studio rental. We are currently seeking new studio space. Take a look at the classes we have previously offered below and let us know if you're interested in something specific for potential upcoming class series!


Private lessons and small private group classes are still currently available! Give us a call for your party, birthday, or bridal events!

Come join the fun with Group bellydance classes!

Dress comfy (think workout wear) and bring a water bottle and a willingness to learn. Soft ballet/dance shoes or bare feet are ideal for bellydance and are required on the studio floor. Classes are open to ages 13 and up, but students under age 18 must have an adult registered for class with them.

Students will have access to a private, members only app! You will have access to training materials, practice videos, and the ability to interact with your fellow students and teacher(s) in a way that doesn't require public posting like on standard social media platforms! 

Fall 2022 - Beginner Basics: The foundations of bellydance movement. (Ideal for true beginners!)


Winter 2022 - Beginner bellydance technique with an eye toward dancing in a group. Learning cues and combos for fusion group improv, pulling from multiple formats. This class cycle is designed to be fun and social. (beginner to intermediate) 


Spring 2023 - FlyFusion: a fun and unique combination based group improv format of fusion bellydance. (Intermediate) Instructor Ash is the first (and currently only) FlyFusion certified instructor in the state of Alabama! Want a sneak peek at the format? How about a free month of FlyFusion online classes?!?! Click here to check it out and enter coupon code BhamFly when you register to get your first month free! 





COVID policy: In compliance with AL Act 2021-493 Section 1(d) we will not be inquiring about vaccination status. Current WHO and CDC recommendations regarding masking, especially during exercise, will make masking optional for this class series. That being said, just be a good human and if you're not feeling 100% or have a known exposure to any transmissible illness, please stay home and sit this one out. These policies are subject to change as circumstances and regulations are updated


Dance Class & Instructor Information

Contact us to schedule in person or digital private, semi-private, or group activity classes.

Bellydance Basics is a great starting point for students new to bellydance.


FlyFusion is a cue-based, group improvisational style of fusion bellydance.  It is recommended that students have at least a rudimentary understanding of bellydance technique in order to get the most out of a FlyFusion class. Ash is FlyFusion Foundation & Metamorphosis level teacher certified. 

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