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Wyrd Arts Group

:who we are:

The wyrd rune is an ancient symbol meaning "that which has become". It is centered around the connectedness of all things and the belief that some things are meant to be. 


We are a production group dedicated to live arts shows. We support and promote makers and performance artists of all kinds. 

:welcome to the place where art has become life: 


Our founder

Ash has worked extensively in event management throughout the southeast. A life-long dancer and performer, in 2018 Ash broadened her horizons to independent production. 

Wyrd Arts Group is a labor of love borne from a desire to  foster collaboration and community through the performing arts. Hailing from diverse ancestry, Ash sought to honor all those parts of herself and everything that brought her to where she is. In the logo she designed for the group symbolism of Cherokee, Celtic, and Norse origin are represented, culminating in the very definition of the web of Wyrd. 

Ash's current passion is fusion bellydance. After training in multiple formats, she found a home in FlyFusion. Ash is a FlyFusion Foundation and Metamorphosis certified instructor. She is also a member of the Alabama Dance Council. 


Founder & Creative Director


Annual Samhain 

Festival & Show

Our hallmark event, the one that started it all and the one that remains closest to our hearts.

Each year we gather in the custom of the ancient Celts to honor those who have passed on from this life to the next. We celebrate the thinning of the Veil with food, fire, music, and dance. Local makers and artists vend their wares to the sounds of traditional music of the Celtic nations, then as day gives way to night we welcome the spirits of our beloved dead with a candlelight remembrance ceremony and fire performances. Dancers of all genres close out the night, putting their hearts into a carefully curated show designed to honor those who wait for us on the other side. Remembrance is universal, so you'll find many cultures being represented in the performances, not just those of the Celtic isles. 

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